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A Premium Software for Your Restaurants.

Our Restaurant POS Software:
Empowering Your Restaurant's Success with a Tailored Point of Sale Solution.


πŸ‘‹ What Does Tastio Serve?

From online ordering to POS and billing, Tastio serves the key to restaurant success.


POS display enhances customer experience, boosts sales, and streamlines operations.

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Online Store

Effortlessly manage orders with our online ordering and delivery software.

Online store

QR Solutions

Tastio Simplifies ordering with our convenient QR code ordering system.

QR app


Tastio's Kiosk systems provide self-service options, reducing wait times and increasing efficiency.


Restaurant Portal

Transform your restaurant operations with our comprehensive management software portal.

Restaurant portal


Optimize kitchen efficiency with Tastio's advanced KDS system for restaurants.


Starting with Tastio is
easy, fast, and free.

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  • Online Ordering
  • Intuitive UI
  • Kitchen Screen
  • Premium Support
  • Powerful Insights
  • POS
  • Full-Ecommerce Package
  • Managable Back-End
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πŸ‘ Restaurants using our software

Discover how our innovative software transforms restaurants and drives success like never before.

100+ Restaurants

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πŸ₯° What our Customers
Say about us.

Brandon L. Melton

Marketing VP @Foodyours

β€” Thanks to the@Tastio, we're able to offer online ordering and our customers love it very much. It's been a huge boost for our business.It has exceeded our expectations and has become an invaluable asset to our business.πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

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Sr. Gonzalo

Owner @Taqueria Chavez

β€” @Tastio helped Taqueria Chavez during the pandemic, by reducing costs and increasing visibility. Its all-in-one communication tool and maintenance provided peace of mind, while kiosk and QR code solutions reduced labor. πŸ₯°

Person image

Marcos T. White

Sales Executive @Burgerco

β€” @Tastio KDS system has revolutionized our kitchen and improved order preparation efficiency by 50%!. Tastio has been a game-changer for my restaurant. It's streamlined our operations and made everything easier. πŸ₯°

Person image

Thomas W. Moore

Marketing VP @PizzaPlace

β€” The QR solutions offered by @Tastio are so convenient. It's made ordering and payment seamless for our customers. Tastio's KIOSK system has revolutionized the way we take orders. It's fast, efficient, and our customers love it.

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Build and grow your
business with Tastio

Unlock the potential of your restaurant business with Tastio's comprehensive tools for building and growth.

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Frequently Asked
Questions ?

Find answers to common queries and get quick help with our comprehensive FAQ section.

what is a pos system in a restaurant?

Tastio's POS system for restaurants is a comprehensive solution that includes point of sale hardware and software designed to streamline restaurant operations, manage inventory, capture and analyze point of sale data, and boost marketing efforts with point of sale displays.

What is Tastio restaurant software?

Tastio restaurant software is a comprehensive restaurant management software that offers features such as online ordering, menu management, offer and combo customization, and inventory tracking.

Can Tastio's kiosk system be customized?

Yes, Tastio's kiosk system can be customized to fit the specific needs of individual restaurants. This includes branding, menu design, and payment options.

What is a KDS system for restaurants?

A KDS system is a kitchen display system that can help streamline kitchen operations by providing real-time updates on orders and reducing the need for paper tickets. Tastio offers a KDS system as part of its restaurant management software solution.

How secure is my data with Tastio?

Tastio takes data security very seriously. Our software is built with advanced security measures to protect your sensitive data, including encryption and secure backups.

Does Tastio offer customer support?

Yes, Tastio offers comprehensive customer support to help you with any issues or questions you may have. Our support team is available 24/7 to assist you with any technical or operational concerns.